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Whales and Dolphins in Tenerife

Tenerife is truly fortunate to have both whales and dolphins living just off the coast as well as many others that travel past the Island on their migration and mating travels. Take the opportunity to see these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat, the thrill of seeing these wonderful creatures “close up and personal” is something that stays with you for life.

There are several boats of differing sizes that offer whale and dolphin sightseeing cruises, from small yachts that can also be privately chartered for groups that want to arrange their own itinerary, to much larger vessels, some of which have glass bottoms so that you can observe life below the sea without the need to get wet by going swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving. These trips often include food and drink as part of the package and some include a stop in a sheltered cove to allow clients to go swimming or snorkelling.

The most common whale here is the Pilot whale, it spends its nights diving deep into the Ocean to feed on the giant squid that are found here and they spend their days basking on the surface of the sea.

The bottle nosed dolphins that live here love to “surf” on the bow wave of boats and this gives fantastic opportunities to photograph these wonderful creatures at very close quarters.

To arrange a special package for your group just send us a request with the numbers of adults and children and any ideas that you may want to include and we will do the rest.

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